Premises Liability Injuries

At Andrew S. Martin, LLC, we provide experienced representation for all types of premises liability injuries, including slip and falls, dog bites and crime victim claims.

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Slip, Trip & Fall

Representation For Premises Liability Injuries

Slip-and-fall accidents are sometimes presented as a ‘joke.’ Comedians have long relied on pratfalls for punchlines. For anyone who has suffered an injury from a fall, they know there is nothing funny about these accidents.

Slipping on liquid spill in a store or restaurant, tripping on a broken step or poorly maintained sidewalk can all lead to serious, life-changing injuries. At Andrew S. Martin, LLC, I recognize the importance of obtaining necessary compensation by holding the responsible parties liable.

More Than $30 Million In Verdicts And Settlements

When we are faced with the aftermath of an accident, we all want someone to stand beside us, provide guidance and advice and help us successfully navigate the situation.

When you need a lawyer, I promise to be your guide and trusted advisor to help you successfully navigate your legal situation. I focus my practice on slip-and-fall accidents, as I recognize the challenges of these incidents and know how to effectively investigate and build a successful case for my clients.

Premises Liability Injuries